Cover of "Clean and Sober"

Cover of Clean and Sober

My name is Mark and I have finally found sobriety again in my life after many years of drinking alcohol.  I took some real hard thinking, willingness, determination and strength to be able to become clean and sober once more.

I write articles on many different websites on my life being addicted to alcohol and the ways that I had found that helped me to overcome my addiction.  In these articles I write I  give my ideas, my thoughts and my stories of just how I was able to achieve my sobriety doing this on my own without AA or 12 step meetings.

If you want something bad enough and want to change your life around, try looking at your life as it is now and think of what you can do to improve it and most of all, if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol stop and think what you are doing to your life and what you are missing out on in life by being addicted to your choice of drug.

You can read more about how I achieved my sobriety on these websites:

The Clean Life Blog

The Clean Life On Hubpages.com


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