Learning To Live Sober

After many years of alcohol abuse and addiction, learning to live sober was a bit of a challenge for me and I didn’t really know if I could live the life of sobriety and to live without my crutch.

When I decided to call it quits over one year ago I said to myself, “enough is enough” and I must quit drinking alcohol now.  I sat down and took a real hard look at the life I was living that moment and saw that it was a total mess.

So, I began to think of some positive and negative things of why and how I got so addicted to alcohol.  The negative thoughts out weighed the positive by a mile.  “Why in the world would I be ruining my life and my family over an addiction”?

I knew I needed to end this addiction fast before my world would fall to pieces and possibly lose everything I had including my family.  I loved drinking beer and my body and my appearance started to show the effects of long term drinking.

I thought to myself I needed to make a huge change in my life and take action in becoming clean and sober again before it was too late, and as we all know it’s never too late to make a change in your life if you truly want it bad enough.

Once I admitted to myself that I was addicted to alcohol, and I now had a title said by many, of an alcoholic, I knew it had to stop.

Now being sober for over one year, I am still keeping that promise I made to myself over one year ago, which was, “I would never be able to pick up a alcoholic drink again”.


Everyone has at one time or another made some sort of promise mostly to others, but have you ever made a promise to yourself?  This promise I made to myself must never be broken or I will be right back to my old ways and life of drinking alcohol.

I had to learn to live sober and I had to learn to live without my crutch that I had taken with me everywhere I went, everyday of my life.

I now live life sober each and everyday with each day getting easier and easier.  Life has treated me great now being sober and I now appreciate everything life has to offer and more.

I write on many websites about my addiction to alcohol and now sobriety hoping that people will read my articles and maybe be able to help them in their quest in finding their own sobriety.

I changed my way of thinking by only thinking with positive thoughts and had taken the word negative right out of my vocabulary.  Negativity will get you nowhere in life, but having a positive attitude will certainly have a huge impact on your success in becoming clean and sober.

So, don’t ever give up on yourself when you want to achieve anything in life including, achieving sobriety.  It is never too late to change your life around for the better.


13 thoughts on “Learning To Live Sober

  1. Excellent website. I am loving it. Wonderful work and very inspirational. I can’t read it all tonight, but will return. It is no wonder you have been so busy writing, writing, writing. My admiration for your determination, my friend.

    • Thank you so much Denise for your kind and uplifting comment. Yes, I love to write especially on this topic that has changed my life around forever (Sobriety)

  2. Great site, Mark! Congratulations on a job well done! You have a great vision of the future and your positive attitude towards life will help you open doors to great opportunities. I’m very happy that you are around to share your story and enthusiasm.

    • Thank you so much Klara for visiting my new site. It means so much to me. I am so happy to be able to have people read my articles and maybe learn from some of the things I experienced in my life.

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  4. WOW sober for 2 months now. im 41 & had my first taste probably at 15 & have drank since. I feel amazing sober & I did not realize what i had been missing. my mind is made up. yes my promise to myself. What i just read was my life thrown in my face, this is a inspiration to me. This should be in every school for every teen to read.

    • Dave, Thank you so much for commenting of this article. Congrats to you for living life sober now. We are learn by our mistakes. I know I sure have and being sober is the best feeling in the word. I wish so bad that what I write here and on other sites I write on could be spoken in schools to let the young children realize if you start with drinking early in life, and don’t know how to handle it or control yourself you will get addicted as I did and you. The young people today seem to only have drinking and drugs on their minds. I hope they can find articles that explain ones life being addicted Like mine and learn by my mistakes and not theirs.
      Thanks again

  5. Very incouraging stuff ! It hits rite home with me ! I am 40 yrs old and after drinking since about the age of 15 I am approaching a year of being sober in march ! I was at the bottom and thought I would never be able to stop ! God willing I checked into a rehab facility in a well known place called the watershed ! I learned so much there ! About myself and my addiction ! They I believe ! Saved my soul and my life ! Almost a year later I find myself struggling . Like it comes and goes in cycles ! I was just wondering if you may have experienced the same and how you can overcome that urge ?

    • John, Good for you that you beat this addiction!! and Congrats to you for your one year sober John. As far as craving to drink for me. In the very beginning it was touch for me, but know I go to restarants with bars in them and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I go to holiday parties and it is no problem. When I finally made my mind up to stop drinking I made a promise to myself that I would never Touch alcohol ever again, because I know if I took one sip of alcohol I would be doomed. Stay positive John and never give in to the demons that are inside. Stay in touch as I will to you.


  6. I am 2 years sober now and i still find myself nervous and sometimes it’s hard to cope with all these emotions. I am working on my marriage of 22 years we got back together after i stopped drinking. He came home when i was 5 weeks out of rehab. I think i am working too much on my husband and kids 19 and 17 and not enough on myself. I feel like i was selfish enough. But i feel i need to work more on myself but i don’t know how without feeling like i’m neglecting them. I was addicted to pills so i don’t take anything for anxiety. I love your idea about thinking positive. Thanks for letting me vent. This life i have now is still better then i have ever had but i still feel like it’s all going to stop or waiting for the next shoe to drop. I am searching for peace.

    • Hello lolo, Congrats to you on getting and staying sober. You should be proud of yourself. I never took pills but drank a ton of beer everyday without missing a day for years. When people like you and i are struggling to stay sober we feel overwhelmed, at least I do.We have to take care of our self every way we can and not worry about our families, children or spouses. I know exactly how you feel, but they are here to help us to stay on the right track and I’m sure they love you to no end for taking that huge step to give up the drugs.

      I write every night on my blog and HubPages trying to make people realize that sobriety is in the palm of your hand only if you open that hand to see. If you ever need to vent I am always here on my email and here are the two links that I write in besides this one. Maybe something in there will help understand what I have gone through and could help you too.

      Stay strong and always believe in yourself and everything will be just fine.

  7. thank you for this website i believe this could help me with my sobriety.very inspiring an dwould like to share my story or temptations real soon.i have been sober for about 25 days.And still struggling,i just want the cravings to go away because the consequences is frightening..i’m a blackout drunk imagine what hapens after that,because i sure can’t tell you,and i refuse to hear it..but i know it was BAD..i know i don’t want to drink but these cravings and temptations are so powerful that i would give in…i think i quit a million times and made promises to others a million times,but that didn’t day i called and asked for help and the women said to pack some clothes and come to the office and so i did.there i went to a sober living house and started my treatment.That’s the best thing i’ve done.sorry i kind of told my to read more.thank you again.

    • Hello Tina,
      I am so glad and happy for you that you are 25 days sober. That is a huge accomplishment. I know it may not seem like a lot to others because that is what happened to me, but believe me It is huge for huge. You should be so proud. I love hearing stories of people like you beating the demons that have ran our lives for so long. What I did when i finally made my mind up to stop drinking was I made a promise to myself that when I quit drinking I would never pick up a drink of alcohol ever again no matter what life throws at me. We have to be strong Tina and believe and love our self enough to never go back to that horrible life we had. The days will go by and then you will be counting months and then years like me. Continue to think and stay positive and you will see how your life will start to change all for the better. I just want to say this. I have always wanted to live at the Jersey shore my entire live and over the last 30 years of my marriage it never came true and I truly think it was because I didn’t want to help myself get sober. After I quit drinking everything started to change. Now I have finally purchased my home by the Sea and my dream has come true,but I know for a fact that would of never happened if I was still drinking. God Bless you and stay strong and believe in yourself and never let anything or any body stand in you way of staying sober.

      Here is a link to where I have over 300 articles about getting sober and living a happy and simple life. Check them out it may help you see what I went through and how my live and yours can change for the better .

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