Follow Your Dreams

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We all have had dreams whether it be in our sleep or a dream or goal we wish to achieve in our lifetime.  In order to be successful in life we have dreams and goals and in order to make those dreams and goals  come true you must follow your dreams and never give up on them until you have accomplished what you set out to do.

We often think maybe it’s too late to make those dreams we had many years ago come true, but each and everyday we hesitate to fulfill them we are wasting precious time.

Dreams do come true, but those dreams just won’t appear without some work on your part to accomplish them.


Although the blog that I write in on my alcohol addiction and how I achieved sobriety says three (3) months sober,  is now one (1) year and two (2) months sober, but I had written it way back then and it maybe something you might want to read regarding dreams can come true.

I always had dreams to become sober years ago, but never thought I could quit drinking alcohol and I thought is was too late to make any changes in my life.  See, I was wrong, because I have achieved sobriety now and if I could do it now I could have done it way back when.

This is what I mean about going after your dreams, because your dreams will not just come to you and as I said it is never too late to change.  To be clean and sober again is the greatest accomplishment of my life.

See, years ago I thought I wouldn’t ever be sober again and I was wrong, I beat the odds and surrendered to my addiction.  I fulfilled my dream of being sober and if you have a dream don’t put it off till a later time in your life because the time you waste now can not be replaced.  You will be the one losing out on success and maybe if you fit the bill of an alcoholic you are wasting precious sober time.


If you pay attention to some of the above and you have a dream that you want to achieve, then just go after it and never give up until you have accomplished that dream and goal and remember it is NEVER TO LATE to change your life and live that dream.


Live Sober – Live Happy

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Lets take a look at our lives and see if we are truly happy while drinking alcohol.  For myself I thought that I was very happy while drinking alcohol, but not noticing the people around me were very unhappy to say the least.

Sometimes a person addicted to alcohol or drugs for that matter think they are the happiest person alive until the bottom falls out from under them.

In order to live sober and live happy you are going to have to take that first step towards quitting drinking and starting that new life.

Living sober in the eyes of an alcoholic is not in their vocabulary, and certainly was not in mine.  It takes some much thinking, willingness, desire and determination to be able just to walk away from an addiction that you have lived with for so many years.

When you really think about it, when there is alcoholism in a family who really suffers?  Not only the alcoholic suffers, but the families of the alcoholic are going through some tough times as well.  The alcoholic doesn’t see what is going on around them because they are blinded to the outside world and only concentrate on their addiction and when the next drink may be.

In order to be happy and be sober at the same time takes a lot of hard work.  You must make up your mind that you have had enough and would like to change your life around for the better.

Begin to think and act with a positive attitude for the get go.  This will help you in achieving your sobriety and without thinking positive nothing is going to happen.  Negativity in anything in life including achieving sobriety will only lead you to a dead-end street, or in some cases rock bottom.

Just a word of wisdom and from my experiences drinking alcohol, I have never been happier in my live being now sober.  I always thought that being sober is not the way to be.

I thought to myself, how can anyone have any fun at all being sober.  How can you have fun without being buzzed, drunk or high?  After becoming sober and the happiest I have ever been, I now can see that these people I used to down and make fun of because they didn’t drink alcohol where far more smarter and wiser than I.

I now can see just how they had sober fun and more fun than being drunk. So, think about your life and where it is heading by drinking alcohol and then think of being sober and how your life will be.  I can say one thing, you will wake up every morning feeling refreshed, no hangovers, bright and cheerful and looking forward to a great sober day that’s in store for you.

If you want to live happy then think about living sober and you will see just how your life will change all for the better and you will now be able to enjoy and remember that day or evening being sober and happy.


Learning To Live Sober

After many years of alcohol abuse and addiction, learning to live sober was a bit of a challenge for me and I didn’t really know if I could live the life of sobriety and to live without my crutch.

When I decided to call it quits over one year ago I said to myself, “enough is enough” and I must quit drinking alcohol now.  I sat down and took a real hard look at the life I was living that moment and saw that it was a total mess.

So, I began to think of some positive and negative things of why and how I got so addicted to alcohol.  The negative thoughts out weighed the positive by a mile.  “Why in the world would I be ruining my life and my family over an addiction”?

I knew I needed to end this addiction fast before my world would fall to pieces and possibly lose everything I had including my family.  I loved drinking beer and my body and my appearance started to show the effects of long term drinking.

I thought to myself I needed to make a huge change in my life and take action in becoming clean and sober again before it was too late, and as we all know it’s never too late to make a change in your life if you truly want it bad enough.

Once I admitted to myself that I was addicted to alcohol, and I now had a title said by many, of an alcoholic, I knew it had to stop.

Now being sober for over one year, I am still keeping that promise I made to myself over one year ago, which was, “I would never be able to pick up a alcoholic drink again”.


Everyone has at one time or another made some sort of promise mostly to others, but have you ever made a promise to yourself?  This promise I made to myself must never be broken or I will be right back to my old ways and life of drinking alcohol.

I had to learn to live sober and I had to learn to live without my crutch that I had taken with me everywhere I went, everyday of my life.

I now live life sober each and everyday with each day getting easier and easier.  Life has treated me great now being sober and I now appreciate everything life has to offer and more.

I write on many websites about my addiction to alcohol and now sobriety hoping that people will read my articles and maybe be able to help them in their quest in finding their own sobriety.

I changed my way of thinking by only thinking with positive thoughts and had taken the word negative right out of my vocabulary.  Negativity will get you nowhere in life, but having a positive attitude will certainly have a huge impact on your success in becoming clean and sober.

So, don’t ever give up on yourself when you want to achieve anything in life including, achieving sobriety.  It is never too late to change your life around for the better.